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Shoyeido Premium Sandalwood Agarwood incense: Beckoning Spring/ Shunyou

  • Full package 14 grams ( approx 35 sticks), 18 cm
  • Burning time: 40 mins approx per stick
  • Main note:

As the chilly days of winter gradually give way to the warmer days of spring, we are filled with a sense of hope and renewal. This is the time when the natural world comes alive again, with flowers blooming and new green leaves appearing on the trees. It is a time of growth and new beginnings.

Shoyeido Premium Sandalwood incense: Beckoning Spring is the perfect way to enjoy the freshness and vibrancy of spring. This incense is made with high-quality sandalwood, which gives it a sweet, earthy scent. The warm musky scent of patchouli and the coolness of borneol create a picture of spring days, with blooming flowers, new green leaves, and warm rays of sunshine. The remaining cool breeze from winter only adds to the experience. Spring is a time of renewal and growth, so make sure to enjoy it with Shoyeido Premium Sandalwood incense: Beckoning Spring.

One of the premium incense on the market, made from centuries-old recipes and containing exquisite sandalwood and precious agarwood. Shoyeido Shunyou's most exclusive incense is handcrafted by skilled incense crafters. This incense is ideal for individuals that enjoy the finer things in life and desire to create a luxurious, relaxing atmosphere. Allow our high-end incense to transport you to a place of serenity and contentment.