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Shoyeido Premium Sandalwood Incense: King's Aroma/ Ohjya-koh

  • 1 bundle of 35 sticks, 7" (circa 18 cm)
  • Sandalwood, clove, patchouli
  • Approx. burning time: 40 min. per stick
  • UPC# 0 32110 10106 3

Oriental woody, and a hint of dried mandarin skin, patchouli and clove which augment the sandalwood scent.

The first time I smelled this, it was love at first smell. The wonderful blend of sandalwood with hints of dried mandarin skin brought me back to my childhood memories when everyone would talk about how much they missed these scents from times past; patchouli brings out a new layer in its aroma that makes you want more.

Clove adds just enough spiciness without being overbearing - the ingredients are well-blended into one beautiful woody scent!

A must-have for any collector or enthusiast who enjoys rich aromas delivered straight onto their nose via burned incense sticks.

When you open the package, the complex aroma emitted from the box without burning is quite pleasant. You can feel its elegant blend as soon as you light this incense, and it brings harmony to your surrounding.

When lighted, it produces a nice complex blend of sandalwood and herbs. An excellent coreless, uplifting, vibrant incense that brings harmony and can be used any time.

Shoyeido's description:

"An elegant blend of fine sandalwood and herbs. King's Aroma exudes the sophistication and ease of a bygone era"