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Shoyeido Premium Agarwood Incense : Sho-kaku / Translucent Path


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Dear friend,

Shoyeido has announced they would no longer produce this incense because collecting wild Kyara is no longer sustainable.

If you have tried it before, then perhaps you are missing the legend aroma of the wild Ky Nam. Due to wild Ky Nam is almost extinct, Shoyeido can no longer produce it

The good news: with the advance in technology, we are able to grow our Kygarwood, a sustainable cultivated Ky Nam. Although it is not the same with the wild, Kygarwood does have the creamy woody of the Wild Ky Nam

You can learn more here

The smell of the past

This description of Sho-Kaku remains unchanged although you and I both know we will never get it again.

I will leave this page here as a nice memory.


Translucent Path is the crown jewel of incense. It is made of kyara - the most cherished and fragrant form of agarwood. It is unlike any other fragrance on Earth.

Shoyeido's master incense crafters spent a full decade perfecting the recipe for this exquisite fragrance. With great care and clear intention, a true masterpiece of fragrance was born.

Incense is available in a full pack of 37 sticks (18cm) and a sample size of 9 sticks (9cm)

A review by Kyarazen

"Maybe it is just the name of the incense playing tricks with my mind again, but when enjoying a lit stick of Shokaku, it takes me back to my overnight temple stay at Mount Koyasan in Japan. Waking up early to attend the morning service in the temple main hall at 6am, everyone huddling around a kerosene heater in the cold freezing winter, whilst the monks, clad in their thin cotton garbs, braved the icy temperatures, breaking into the chant of Shichibongo (四智梵語). Shokaku starts off in a way similar to the chief abbot reciting a few stanzas before the other monks join in with their blended voices. Perhaps it is with all these experiences, and knowledge on kyara/agarwood that I’m beginning to revere the Shokaku as one of the best pure kyara incenses I’ve ever burnt (personal preference!! does not apply to anyone else).

 If you have the fortune of owning any sticks of Shokaku, stow it away carefully and revisit it from time to time, perhaps you might find as much delight as I did."