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Shoyeido Premium Agarwood Incense Sample Set + Complement High Resin Cultivated Agarwood Chip

If you have a lighter, then you can try these premium agarwood incense at your home.

So you heard of agarwood, and you have tried a few of them.  You find that they are quite alright and want to try more.

But these top of the line incenses do not come into small samples to try, that is why we created this set for you today.

Who is this NOT for?

  • Someone who does not want to spend more than $10 a package of incense
  • Someone who does not know about agarwood but wants to try and asks for a refund when he/she feels like it for a simple reason: " I don't like it"

Who is this for:

  • If you want to try a variety of premium agarwood incenses, then you are on the right page.

Here is our offer:

4 x samples of 5 x 9 cm stick to save $18.50 + bonus $28.99 ($47.49 of value)

You may have noticed that 3 of the famous premium agarwood incense from Shoyeido has been replaced with the new lovely Myokaku. Unfortunately, it is the case as the main precious ingredients were no longer sustainable. Shoyeido has decided to stop the lines which include: Shokaku, Myo-ho and Go-un, therefore; we can no longer offer them in the set. However, you still can find them here while the stock lasts, the last chance that you may see them:

Grandawood is the only place at the moment offering this sample set with a BONUS of 5g High Resin Cultivated Agarwood chips.

If you want to know what they smell like, then the only way to find out is to try them.

What is so special about these incenses? You always want to know what these smell like, but the answers given to you are somewhat not good enough.

The reason: scent is very subjective

Have you ever heard of durian? I use it as an example because it is a fruit that thousand people love and at the same time, thousand people hate, all just because of its smell.

You don't have to believe me, search around and you will notice that some of the other sellers or vendors have not even opened any of the above incense packages, let alone trying it. 

What does it mean to you?

You see,

Many incense companies have been importing these agarwood chips to make their quality incense. 

You are going to try out these premium blends. And probably curiosity will get you just like it gets others when they first started.

They ask the same question: "What does agarwood smell like?"

So we decide to include the raw material for you to learn too.

These incenses are pieces of art that I treasured them all.

Personally, I tried one by one and fell in love.

Would you fall in love with them too?