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*New* Shoyeido Portable Wood Chip Heater HIINA (Hi-ina) + complement agarwood chip

Dear tree-resin lovers

You love incense and tree resin. So you get yourself a burner to heat them up

For a simple reason:

To enjoy the aroma

Probably, you have already used incense ash (rice ash) to stabilise the heat and keep it at the right temperature. 

You use incense ash because of its benefit: your resin/ incense will be at the right temperature so you rarely experience burning smell.

But at the same time, you realise there are some challenges

1) Every time you burn resin, incense or agarwood chips, you find it takes 5 to 10 minutes to get ready. 

2) It can get messy. Especially when you breathe directly to the ash by accident. To clean up is not a small job.

3) And after a while, the white ash will turn brown and, you would like to change it.

To sum up, you think there is too much work involved but you love burning incense at the right temperature without the burnt notes.

So you may be wondering: 


Can you heat your incense at the right temperature without using incense ashes?

Well, I have good news for you: Yes, you can.


Introduce to you, the portable wood chip heater from Shoyeido with a unique feature

The "heat dissipation" net will transfer the heat from the charcoal to the incense without "combusting" incense.

The heat is just enough to release the aroma of incense NOT burning it

This item includes:


  • This HIINA Incense Burner is HOT when being used. Please use the safety net (included in this product) to hold this Burner
  • The incense holder is for the placement of Miyako Charcoal only (5 charcoals are included)

How to use

  • Ignite  the tip of Miyako charcoal, the charcoal will be slowly ignited 

  • Place the lit charcoal on the metal holder. Place the lit charcoal with the burning side down on the metal holder, although you can use a hand if you have enough experience, it is recommended to use a tool (pliers or tweezers).
  • Place the silver combustion net per below
  • Place the wood chips or incenses on the net
  • If smoke comes out from the incense when in contact with the lit charcoal, please move the incense away from the charcoal using a metal clip or metal pincers. Please handle with care.


  • DO NOT USE BARE HAND to move or handle lit charcoal because it will burn you.