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Miyako Incense charcoal 48 pellets by Shoyeido

Discover the quintessential Kodo ceremony experience with Shoyeido's premium scent-free charcoal. Crafted to evoke an atmosphere of serenity and authenticity, these charcoals bring tradition and tranquillity to life.


Introducing our Miyako Sumi square charcoals, the preferred choice for Kodo connoisseurs. This 48-piece set ignites swiftly, generating the optimal heat for your ceremony. The exquisite layer of white ash that forms adds a touch of perfection to the experience. Moreover, these charcoals produce minimal smoke, ensuring a pure and uninterrupted ambience.


Elevate your Kodo ceremony by pairing Shoyeido charcoals with our exclusive Mica plate designed for use with agarwood chips. This harmonious combination minimizes burn notes, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the enchanting and soothing world of Kodo.

If you do not want to read, you can see the below video from Shoyeido showing you how to set up this charcoal.


Here is how you light and set up the charcoal

 1) Light a corner of charcoal brick, and the brick will be alight for 40 min.

Just be careful about the heat. As soon as you see ash is forming, it is time to move to the next step

 2) Charcoal brick is lit

Place the lit charcoal in the Miyako White Ash