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Shifukuko Wild Sustainable Agarwood Chips


Elevate Your Senses with Shifukuko Agarwood Chips

A Must-Have for Incense and Agarwood Lovers!

🌳 Why Choose Shifukuko Agarwood Chips? 🌳
Harvested from our very own plantation in Dong Xoai Binh Phuoc. With decades of experience, we have hundreds of wild and mature Aquilaria trees. These chips come from trees that have Agarwood for at least 4 years. Each piece of chip is resin-rich for an extraordinary aromatic experience.

agarwood plantation

Sacred and Timeless
The aroma of Agarwood is not just pleasant but also spiritual, mentioned in Holy Scriptures like the Bible, Q'ran, and Buddhist and Veda texts. Perfect for Friday Prayer sessions and Japanese Ko-do ceremonies.

🌺 Social and Spiritual Benefits 🌺
Improve focus and spirituality. Our Agarwood aroma makes your guests appreciate your hospitality; they will feel welcomed at your place. Improving your relationship with them, whether it is work or personal relationship.

🔒 Authenticity Guaranteed 🔒
We grow, we harvest, we deliver! Say goodbye to counterfeits. Only the most resinous chips are hand-picked for you. If it is not resinous, we will not pick them because we know you will not like it. We want you to come back.

🌟 Testimonial of Excellence 🌟
Used in a special incense project at a Damah talk, and even convinced a Japanese gentleman to buy 20kg after just one try!

A high-social-status gentleman in Kuwait also recently tried and wanted to order 200kg. Unfortunately, we do not have this large quantity, so he only got 100 kg.  

We reserved a limited quantity here for you to try.

Shifukuko is best experienced with Kodutu

A Transformative Experience: The Story of Kenji

Kenji, a long-time incense and Agarwood aficionado, always searched for the perfect aroma. His quest led him to our Shifukuko Agarwood Chips. Having tried various methods over the years, Kenji had often used charcoal to heat his agarwood chips. The experience was enjoyable, but it always felt like it lacked that extra special touch.

Then, Kenji discovered the Kodutu, a Japanese incense heater powered by 4 x AA batteries. Intrigued, he decided to try it with his newly purchased Shifukuko Agarwood Chips. The moment he switched on the Kodutu and the chip began to warm, he knew he was in for a different experience.

As the Agarwood chip heated just right, the small personal air around him began to fill with a rich, woody aroma that he had never quite achieved with charcoal. It was an aroma so heavenly that it filled him with happiness. He felt more focused and spiritually enriched than ever before.

What Kenji loved the most was the control he had with the Kodutu. He could turn off the unit whenever he felt like it, preserving this precious  Agarwood chip for future use—something he found difficult to do with charcoal, which would keep burning until it turned to ash.

Kenji knew then that he had found the perfect companion for his Shifukuko Agarwood Chips. The Kodutu's precise heat allowed the chip's nuanced aromas to unfurl beautifully, creating an unparalleled sensory experience.

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