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*SOLD OUT* High Grade Agarwood chunk chips Do Xi


Oldschool way of agarwood creation 

Many years ago, when hunter collected agarwood from the forest, they had an idea if they could "plant" them. 

They had that idea because getting agarwood from the wild was so risky. So during their trips, they found and collected some seeds so they could use them later.

When the hunting trips were over, these hunters approached some farmers who big block of land. The reasons: it took decades for the trees to grow so they would need a large area to plant as many trees as possible.

The hunters told the farmers that only wounded Aquilaria trees had agarwood.

One hunter picked up some Aquilaria tree logs. Then he chopped these logs into several smaller logs.

He then gathered the farmers and showed them what agarwood looked like.

People witnessed many insects were living inside the logs. Outside the logs, many holes were bored by these insects.

"agarwood" is the defence mechanism of these Aquilaria trees against the diseases.  And this is what we want.

The hunter then explained to the farmer that it took decades to grow these trees and to make it viable, they need to grow many of them, at least ten thousands of trees.

Back then, there were plenty of lands and the government made it easy to access these lands. The government also encouraged and supported the agriculture industry, so the farmers started growing these trees.

At this time, scientists had not developed a method to create agarwood by using yeast, fungus, hormone, chemical. 

So, the farmers did what the hunters told them: to mimic the nature: wound the tree physically by drilling holes. These holes attracted the boring insects because they wanted to make a nest or a colony inside these trees. 

So they bored the wood and made tunnels. 

This process wound these Aquilaria trees.


And the magic happened


The Aquilaria trees reacted by creating agarwood to heal themselves. This process is constant, and it takes years to have enough agarwood before harvesting. It takes even longer in this particular chip because:

"No other substance inserted to a wounded tree; this method is the closest one to nature possible."

It was a pain-staking process because it took 15 to 16 years to get agarwood.

However, due to the demand for organic, it was still appreciated by many customers.

So, farmers are still using these methods to form agarwood.


Introduce to you: the High-Grade Agarwood Chunk Chips Do xi

Although it is cultivated, it is as close as nature. Our team patiently grow and monitor the trees with care.

Our team only collected and processed these chips when these trees are mature with ripening resin.

When you heat these woodchips, you would appreciate the sweet vanillic woody scent of agarwood

These pieces are larger than normal for a reason: to share and enjoy with your friends without constantly changing the chips

But if you are alone and wanted to try them, you can.

These woodchips are soft so you can break them up by hand easily.