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Sarawak Wild Agarwood bracelet 17mm- 21.56g - one piece only

14 beads 14 different grains, 196 variations on a single bracelet

The Indigenous people in Sarawak, Iban, supplement their income by collecting gaharu (agarwood) and trade locally. 

They also make some agarwood bracelets and necklaces


Among the many bracelets they make, this one caught my eyes because it is special. 

First, each bead is resinous. Take a closer look at the bracelet's images, and I have enlarged them so you can see them clearly. Do you like these grains on the agarwood beads? I know I do.

If you look carefully at it, each bead of this bracelet is different from the others although they are from the same log.

If you turn each bead around the other side, then you will have 14 x 14 = 196 variation of this bracelet. You can even challenge your friends and relatives by asking them if you wear the same bracelets. Imagine their confused faces, would that make you grin?

Apart from that, people wear agarwood bracelets because they believe in its healing power, just like crystal. It calms people mind and promotes positive energy around you.


To whom does this bracelet suit? 

Ladies Gentlemen with a wrist size between 17 cm and 19cm will fit this bracelet.

If you have a smaller wrist size, please do not worry as we can take one or two beads off for you, so it fit your hand perfectly (of course, you keep the beads).

If you would like to add some crystals or gemstones to the bracelets, let us know, and we will see if we could accommodate your request.

Dark texture, good grain (resin), with the sweet woody smell, this would be a simple but elegant piece of bracelet for you to wear

Origin: Sarawak Malaysia

Size: 17mm, 14 beads

Weight 21.56g

Aroma: woody and sweet


Does it come with a certificate of authenticity?

No, it does not because the Indigenous Iban people did not give it to me. But here is our "Double Money Back guarantee."

You can bring this bracelet to any laboratory to verify its genuineness. If the reports said it is not agarwood, I would pay you back $850 x 2 = $1700 AUD.

However, this agarwood bracelet is so great that if you ask an experienced agarwood user, they will be able to tell you by just looking at it. 

As usual, there is only one piece. Only available here at Grandawood.