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Revival - Back from the Dead - the lost aroma of Dark Merauke Wild Agarwood (Oud) Oil


Five years ago, I had three types of Merauke Oud oils, and they were all sold out in weeks. Some customers returned after 2 years just to tell me how great their aroma were and even asked me to get more.  With its unique, deep, and complex aroma, the Wild Dark Merauke and Superior were sensational. Unfortunately, I could not get more of them leaving a void in the hearts of many. 

The reason for their disappearance: 

  • The master distiller retired
  • The hunters could no longer find the same quality of wild agarwood. He too, retired and got a new job.

Like a precious moment in time, it seemed this unique oud aroma was gone forever.

But, just like you, as a fellow oud lover, I understand the longing for that one aroma that you like. 

Deep in my heart, I had a hope that one day this aroma would return. Holding onto a tiny sample of the original oil, I embarked on a quest to recapture this elusive fragrance.

My journey led me to a distiller, a master of his craft, who shared his knowledge and passion for oud. 

He presented me with his creation; at first, it seemed like any other oud oil. 

But then, after a mere three minutes, the transformation was astounding. The familiar, beloved notes of the Wild Dark Merauke filled my senses. It was a moment of pure joy, a realisation that this scent had returned to us. I could not believe.

This new oil, while does not have the exact scent profile, carries the essence of the Wild Dark Merauke. Its cool, minty, complex woody balsamic notes are a tribute to the original. Sourced from Kayu Ara Pasong in Johor, where the hot, tropical climate and abundant rainfall create the perfect conditions for the Aquilaria trees, this oil is a product of nature and nurture. By the way, this oil is from sustainable plantation Agarwood.

The creation of oud this oud was not easy.

We experimented with five different Aquilaria species, facing challenges and setbacks, until we found the perfect match in the Aquilaria Sinesis, which is suitable for the hot and humid climate.


This particular species, nurtured for over 15 years, underwent a natural process of holes drilling only. There is no inoculation, no harmful chemicals. 

You see, we only drill the holes and leave as it is.

A hole in our Aquilaria Sinesis tree.


Under scorching hot sun ray, the intense heat and the trees’ reaction to their injuries resulted in a resin-rich Agarwood, the source of our oud oil.

The dark brown resin secreted from the tree to heal its wound. As the time comes, it will harden and become Agarwood.

The scent profile of this oil is a complex aroma of minty, balsamic, and woody notes. Its longevity is remarkable.

Here is what I mean

It lasts for weeks on a tissue but several hours on the skin, varying with each individual's skin chemistry. 

The extraction process is from water distillation. The pulverised agarwood was soaked overnight to minimise any pungent note. Once finished, the oil was aged in a cool, dark room to enhance its depth and character.



But what truly sets this oil apart is its emotional and sensory appeal. This oil will be a nostalgic journey for those who remember the Wild Dark Merauke especially. It offers a contemporary take on oud for newcomers – not overly sweet, but cool, woody, and balsamic. It's an experience that's hard to put into words.

I invite you to try this oil on a tissue or cotton pad first, then on your skin, to appreciate its unique character fully. This is not just an ordinary Oud oil; it surpasses many wild oud oils I have tried, and it reminded me of the renowned scent of Wild Dark Merauke, a journey through time, and a testament to the enduring allure of a scent that was once lost but is now found. Welcome to the revival of a legend.