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Rare Blue Amber and Vietnamese Wild Agarwood Bracelet

Indonesian Blue Amber is found in the Sumantra region and is characterised by its blue colour - from light to dark.

The greenish-blue fluorescence appears when UV light is shined directly on the blue amber. However, the UV rays cannot pass through the blue amber because the Blue Amber absorbs almost all UV light. As a result, under UV light, we will see somewhat green and a bit of blue fluorescence.

This semiprecious stone is used in jewellery and other decorative items.

Our Wild Vietnamese Agarwood is from our sustainable 'forest' (Agarwood plantation). This bracelet is made from naturally infected Aquilaria trees that have been harvested and then shaped, sanded and finished by hand. It has been carefully crafted to show off the natural beauty of the wood and features a simple, modern design.

This Blue Amber- Wild Vietnamese Agarwood bracelet is a perfect gift for someone who loves unique jewellery or for anyone who appreciates the natural beauty of wood and precious stone.