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OUBERGRIS- 3ml Grandawood's Oud Attar by Abraham El-Matary


Oubergris 3ml

The Battle of Two Giants

Image Generated by AI

On a stormy night, a ship was sailing in the middle of the ocean. In one surprising moment, the sailors felt a strong movement; they knew something had hit the boat. Looking around the ship, they saw some tentacles rise from the sea.

A giant Kraken

The Kraken wrapped its tentacles around the ship and began to pull it under the water. The crew fought back bravely but were no match for the massive creature. The boat was about to sink, and everyone was panicking.

Suddenly, the captain saw something moving towards the ship. When it came closer, the captain realised that the young sperm whale was always happy to see the ships that passed by. The youngster usually swims up to the boat and plays with the sailors.

Seeing her human friends are in danger, the young Sperm Whale rushed in to attack the Kraken. The whale rammed its head into the Kraken, causing it to release the ship. The ship sailed away while the youngster and the Kraken fought each other.

The Sperm Whale lashed his tale to the Kraken, but he was overpowered by The Kraken. The Kraken wrapped its tentacles around and squeezed the young whale.


The young whale struggled to fight back, but it managed to send his SOS message: "Daddy, help."

Very soon after, his Dad came and sank his teeth into the Kraken's tentacles. The youngster escaped, and Daddy continued the fight. 

Image Generated by AI

The two creatures were evenly matched, and neither could gain an advantage. The Dad Sperm Whale used his large teeth to bite the Kraken, while the Kraken used its long tentacles to wrap around the whale and suffocate him. Both creatures were powerful, and the battle had gone on for hours.

The Kraken tried to sting the whale with the barbed swivelling hooks from its tentacles. The venom in the Kraken's tentacles was deadly to the whale. If it stung the whale, its venom could paralyse the whale. Splash!!!, it had wounded the Sperm Whale.

The Sperm whale used everything he had to attack the Kraken.


He bit the giant Kraken with his teeth and swatted it with his powerful tail. Losing many tentacles, the Kraken was wearing out.

Finally, the Daddy Sperm Whale won, and he called his pod to come, which had many hungry youngsters.

They had a big feast on the Kraken.

The sailor crew and ship were saved thanks to these Sperm Whales.

After the big feast, some parts of the Kraken could not be digested by the whales. As a result, the whales' bodies created protective substances to protect them against intestinal irritation, which would be passed out to the ocean from the whale. Also known as 'whale poop' or Ambergris,


It is black and soft, with an unpleasant odour when fresh. When exposed to sunshine, air, and seawater, it hardens and fades to a light grey or yellow, developing a subtle fragrance.

On one sunny day, while walking his dog on Anawhata Beach, a man saw a grey-white rock that

was a little waxy. He picked up the rock and smelled pungent damped old wood, a hint of tobacco. This man knew it was Ambergris because he had some at his place. He collected Ambergris.

He sold it to Abraham, who is a skilled perfumer.

Abraham tinctured the Ambergris for 4+ years. He always wants to make his masterpiece.


Abraham asks himself, "How can we make a unique and uplifting fragrance from the depth of the ocean?". He remembers what his first Middle Eastern perfumery teacher once told him "A key characteristic of Amber perfumery is that it must be deep, floral, and uplifting simultaneously". These are contradictory notes that provide Amber with its complex accord.

He came up with a deep ethereal woodiness intertwined with heavenly floral notes laced with Ambergris and spices.

As some of you probably know by now, It is not uncommon to have Ambergris mixed in with oudh hence why you keep hearing of the classical amber-oudh accord, which has been around for a long time. Rather than go with the traditional dark Amber oudh route, it was decided to go with something much more different, playful, and uplifting. Something no one can find even online... until today!

Introduce Oudbergris

Ambergris accord gives the perfume a unique richness and depth. Agarwood oil makes it unforgettable. 

Combined with two different Agarwood oil (Evergreen and Smooth Oud), frangipani and spikenard adds a beautiful herbal note that enhances the overall scent. Lastly, the perfect punch of aromatic woody rounds out this rare fragrance, tying everything together in a woody, sweet, and tangy scent that will leave you wanting more.

Made with a large amount of two rare ingredients

47% Pure Oudh Oil (That is a lot of Oudh, the average commercial perfume only has less than 1% of Oudh concentration - that is 47 times more than the average)

53% Aged Ambergris Accord (4 +years). It is an excellent fixative that holds all ingredients together.  

Image by Albraham El-Matary

"uplifting and deep at the same time, Oudbergris is a truly unique fragrance. It features a complex amber-oudh accord with floral and woody notes, laced with spices and Ambergris".


Ambergris has been decomposing and oxidising on the beach for 30+ years before we can put them into use. Then it was aged in oil for another 4+ years before we started working on it. This gives our Oubergris a remarkable fragrance profile. You are getting prestige vintage from the start!

Now the secret sauce has to be in the oudh as it boosts the oil's profile and longevity. Trent and Abraham were chatting away one day when Trent brought up this fantastic idea.

Abraham replied, "You know what, Trent, I was thinking the same thing. It turns out great minds do think alike!". 

Hence Oudbregis 龍涎沉香 was born!


**Although the story is fictional, it is how Ambergris is formed (https://www.britannica.com/science/ambergris)

Some people think that Ambergris formed inside the whale's intestine to protect it from irritation caused by eating indigestible horny squids' beaks. This is because the sperm whale's intestine cannot handle vast pieces of Ambergris, so it vomits.

Fresh Ambergris is black and soft and has a disagreeable odour. However, exposure to the sun, air, and seawater hardens and fades to a light grey or yellow, developing a subtle and pleasant fragrance in the process.

Discover the captivating allure of Oubergris, where the rare and lavish fusion of Oud and Ambergris meets a masterfully curated symphony of aromatic notes. This irresistible perfume beckons you for more and guarantees you will leave an indelible mark wherever you go. Embrace Oubergris, the ultimate fragrance for those seeking a truly unique and unforgettable sensory experience.