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The Scent Binder -Odourless Natural Incense Binder - Joss Powder- the secret of making great incense


The natural glue tree - Litsea Glutinosa

People use Litsea for many things. Its timber could be used in small constructions and building projects. In some parts of the world,  people use this wood as timber for general house framing.

In Vietnam, Litsea Glutinosa has an additional use. Its processed bark and leaves could be used to make a natural adhesive that can bind wood to restore some ancient wood temples.

When we grind the barks and leaves of this tree into powder and mix it with water, it becomes a sticky and adhesive paste. And this paste is a perfect solution to bind all incense spices together.

Even better, this paste is odourless, and artisanal incense makers have been using this natural glue to bind all their incense together for many decades-long.

One of the popular ratios is: For every 10 g of your incense spice, use 1.2g of this natural glue to put your incense together.

Below is a short video of Litsea Glutinosa from Phar Macognogy


How to use

If you make a small batch of 100g of incense, you only need 10g (12g max) of the Scent Binder.

Mix them together in a container and add water slowly until it is moist enough. 

When the mix is kneadable, you can put it in the incense extruder to your incense craft.