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The Ocean's Breeze: The Scent of the Ocean 100% pure Wild Agarwood (Oud) Oil


Introducing Ocean's Breeze Oud Oil: A Refreshing Escape in a Bottle

Picture this: After a long day at work, Robert is ready to relax and unwind. He pours himself a glass of wine and lights his favourite candles. As he sits down to enjoy his well-deserved break, he notices a new addition to his coffee table—a 3ml bottle of Ocean's Breeze Oud oil, placed there by his wife.

Curious and excited, Robert decides to give this unique oil a try. He dabs a few drops on his wrist and is immediately transported to a serene oceanfront. The woody, ocean-like scent melts his stress away, leaving him feeling refreshed and invigorated.

"Smoky, woody, and reminiscent of the beachfront." - Robert W.

Welcome to our latest olfactory masterpiece—Ocean's Breeze Oud oil, distilled from the enchanting scents of Malinau, North Kalimantan. This oud is unlike any other, featuring a sweet, vanillic dry-down and a scent that transports you straight to the coast.

Experience the ocean's freedom and joy with every breath. As soon as you open the bottle, you're greeted with a light note of seaweed and the mesmerizing ocean scent of Sulawesi Island. Every inhale brings the ocean's exhilarating embrace, washing over you with pure delight.

Smooth and smoky, without any harsh notes, Ocean's Breeze Oud oil is perfect for taking with you on a trip to the beach. The coastal breeze will enhance its aroma, making each deep breath an even more enjoyable experience.

So why wait? Bring the refreshing allure of the ocean into your life with Ocean's Breeze Oud oil—your personal seaside escape in a bottle.