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SOLD- Indonesia Wild Agarwood Bracelet 佛珠

Origin: Indonesia

Beads number: 14

Bead size: 16 mm

Weight: 19 g

Colour: dark brown and even tone with oil marks

Aroma: deep and sweet floral with a slight sour note.

It has been for a while that we again have a wild Indonesia agarwood bracelet with the slight sour note instead of the famous floral aroma of Borneo! The last time we experienced it was on the 34 grams Borneo Indo bracelet freshly made from an old Borneo log and it is a thrill to experience it again on this bracelet. It was a bit hard to detect the aroma from the very first days of its arrival to Australia due to the coldness but now the aroma is just lovely. Bracelet comes with a wooden box for your storage.