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*New* Wild Agarwood Bracelet - Single Bead- or a bracelet- 18mm


Embark on a journey to the hidden gem of Borneo, Indonesia: Stunning individual beads are now at your fingertips for your exclusive beading endeavours! We've tuned into your wishes and present these captivating 1.75g, 18mm works of art, meticulously designed.

Experience the enchantment of a 13-bead wild agarwood bracelet – a harmonious blend of elegance and mystique.

Why not merge your affinity for agarwood with other dazzling gemstones to craft a truly bespoke masterpiece? These 18mm beads offer an ideal solution for those who desire a hint of intrigue in their feng-shui or good fortune talismans.

Surrender to the fascination of LARGE wild agarwood beads and immerse yourself in their delicate woody fragrance. Enhance your assortment with our refined-grade agarwood beads.

You asked, and we listened, making single beads available for the beading project. On average, each bead weight: 1.75 g, 18mm, from Borneo, Indonesia

A bracelet contains 13 wild agarwood beads.

  • Not only want agarwood beads but also want some other gemstones to go with them?
  • 18mm beads seem so large sometimes, and you may only need 1 or 2 to make your own bracelet for feng-shui or good luck charm purposes.
  • Want LARGE wild agarwood beads?
  • Subtle woody scent
  • Decent-grade agarwood beads

YES, you can get the whole bracelet too :)