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*New* WAB Wild 108 Mala Agarwood Borneo region 8mm 19g

Do you always want a genuine agawrood mala , but you are on the fence because you don't know who to trustAll you want is a genuine good looking one with the right price.

Some people ask me which one should they choose because they don't know which one is the right one. Usually, I recommend our GGG mala because it is cost-friendly with great appearance.

But they want to spend a bit more and they want wild agarwood.

So I ask this question to our hunter. He did not answer right away but ask me to wait for a week.

And I did wait. Not 1 week but 3. He showed this mala to me and said

"If someone asks you about a wild agarwood mala and he is new to agarwood, just show this mala to them.It is cost-friendly, with a vintage appearance. The weight is above average and you can actually see agarwood grains around the beads."

The hunter told me this was one available. He made it from a remaining agarwood log that he had.

So I presented this 108 wild agarwood mala to you.

Scent: subtle woody, dried grass and floral.