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*New* White Kygarwood from Sustainable Premium Ky Nam Wood


Do you love the smell of exquisite incense?

Do you hear of Ky Nam but haven't tried it yet?

I'm going to share with you an extremely special Agarwood chip.

This wood chip has the rarest woody aroma on earth and the buttery, creamy milky white wild Ky Nam note.

Introduce the white Kygarwood - a rare type of cultivated Kyara wood chips 

White Kygarwood chips are extremely resinous, which means you can smell this Agarwood chip at room temperature.

When you heat it at a low temperature (50+ Celcius degree), The aroma of this White Kygarwood is sublime. It surpasses many wild Agarwood chips.

It is a challenge to find this quality of woodchip in the market because there are many vendors selling counterfeit products.

Experience the fine aroma that was only available to the King in the past.

I strongly recommend the use of a Shoyeido Kodutu incense heater. One tiny bit of this wood will last you many times burning. It will save you money in the long run.

All you need is 0.05g of a piece of a wood chip like the one below; The aroma is incredibly buttery and creamy.

Leave the setting at the lowest temperature, you can heat this chip again, again and again. The rich resin wood chip will make delight you everytime.