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*New* Triwood - the Amazing Aroma of Three Different Agarwood Species in one bottle

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Every time I try to give you one reason why you should try this oil, I end up with many.

  • No nasty surprise odour: Unlike other vendor oud oils that are distilled from weeks of soaking, resulting in a harsh, barnyard-like scent, Triwood's process takes only 8 hours, resulting in an instantly satisfying aroma that will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated. The bright, sweet notes of this oil will transport you to a world of luxury, transforming into a rich, woody aroma in just three short minutes. Even better, it lasts for hours. Triwood's pure Agarwood oil will give you an unforgettable sensory experience.


  • It is a craft oud oil distilled in small batches. A small grower in a remote area, Kedah Malaysia, grows three different Aquilaria species, Aquilaria Subintegra, Crassna and Malaccensis, on his Agarwood plantation. Then he pulverises these 3 tree species and turns them into one beautiful Oud oil. If smells individually, you will find
  1. Subintegra Oud Oil is fresh berry-like woody
  2. Malaccensis Oud Oil is honey-sweet woody
  3. Crassna Oud Oil is spicy, peppery, dried woody


However, our skilled distiller does not craft individual oil and mix them together; he blends the wood first, next he pulverises the wood, then he puts the powder into the chamber and distills them. 

Step into a paradise of fragrance and experience the unique aroma from combining three breathtakingly beautiful oils, Subintegra, Malaccensis and Crassna, into 1 Oud oil: Triwood.  Enjoy its violet berry woody scent perfected with just a hint of subtle spiciness - truly unforgettable!


  • It is cultivated oil. Not only does agarwood oil smell amazing, but it's also sustainable! This means you can enjoy this luxurious product without any guilt or worry about depleting natural resources or contributing to environmental degradation. Cultivated agarwood oil production involves replanting trees after harvest so that future generations can benefit from this valuable resource. This makes it an ethically sound choice for those who value sustainability in their purchase decisions.

If you seek a remarkable oud (oudh) oil with an exquisite blend of woody, sweet notes that offer an invigorating experience, then our 100% Pure, Sustainable Agarwood Triwood oil is the ideal choice. This exclusive oil has been carefully crafted from sustainably-sourced agarwood and boasts extraordinary therapeutic benefits that are beneficial for the mind and body. And it smells really good!