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*New* The TK16 - Wild Agarwood Bracelet 30.4g 16mm

Unleash the exotic charm of a meticulously handcrafted Agarwood Bracelet, a precious treasure from the wild depths of Malinau, North Kalimantan.

Each bead, lovingly hand-shaped to approximately 16 mm in diameter, reveals an intriguing world within.

But it's the weight that truly sets it apart. Unlike common Tigerwood-patterned bracelets that often weigh around 20g in this size, this bracelet weighs over 30g. As it rests in your hand, you feel its quality, energy.

With a rare and mesmerizing Tiger Hide pattern, you will not see the same piece twice. 

And, as a mark of our commitment to authenticity, instead of providing you a certificate of origin, you will find the remaining piece of the original wood, a testament to its genuineness. You can test this fragment yourself, sealing your trust in the rich heritage we offer.