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*New* The TK16 - Wild Agarwood Bracelet 23g 16mm

Check out our Wild Agarwood Bracelet. It's pretty solid, weighing in at 23g, and each bead is a nice, big size - 16mm, to be exact.

This bracelet comes straight from Malinau, North Kalimantan. The Agarwood from this place is really special - it's got this unique, woody smell that's different from anywhere else. It's like carrying a piece of the wild with you.

What makes this bracelet extra cool is its unique Tigerhide pattern. It's not your everyday design and makes the bracelet look really awesome.

But we don't just talk the talk. To show you that it's the real deal, we are also sending over some extra Agarwood material. You can burn it to test out the smell and see for yourself how good it is. So, this bracelet is not just something you wear. It's like a mini adventure to the exotic places of North Kalimantan.