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*New* The Tiger King - Wild Agarwood Bracelet 16mm from Malinau


This is one of the finest Agarwood bracelets you can own that will make you proud.

It is smooth in texture, rich in oil. It has a "high-class" scent that many people love.


Dear friend

When the hunter found this Agarwood log, he called my friend, KJ and some other prospects over.

Under the eyes of Agarwood bead makers, these pieces of material are graded as "Super A" class.

On the surface, the pattern reassemble the pattern of a tiger's skin.  Not only the appearance is unique, but also the scent profile.


When my friend KJ arrived, the hunter already cut the log into small pieces. KJ told me the whole room smelt so great.

The room smelt great because the smell of Agarwood.

But there was no fire, and the smell of Agarwood could not be that strong at room temperature.

But in the room, there was no other thing except for these Agarwood pieces.

Out of curiosity, KJ asked the hunter about this beautiful scent

"Oh, here, smell my saw, it is still hot" - said the hunter


"So the friction between the saw and the log creates heat. The heat melts the resin hence the smell?"

"You got it." 

This smell is very different from others. It is so pleasant and so good. I know words are not enough to describe it.

My friend, you will have a chance to smell this because I will include a small piece of material for you to heat. Once you smell it, you will understand what a "high-class" wood smell like.

It is polished by sandpaper. This polishing method distributes the resin evenly around the bead. Do you see how the light is reflected? That is how shiny and glossy it is.

If you had a Fengshui master, show this piece to him. Ask him if this Agarwood bracelet will suit you.

Why am I telling you this?

You see, my friend KJ knows some Feng Shui master in Hong Kong and Singapore. In fact, he made Agarwood bracelets and mala to them.

He asked one Master about this bracelet, and the Master told him that this bracelet could attract fortune and positive Qi.

If you are a businessman, your business partners will admire you for this bracelet. It does not look like others, and it is one of a kind.

To know how resinous it is, check the above images out. You can enlarge them, and you will be pleased how good it is.