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The Little Borneo Wild Agarwood Bracelet 19g,14 beads 16mm

19g of wild agarwood bracelet

14 beads of 16mm dimension

Sandpaper polished, this bracelet is quite decent in terms of agarwood quality. 

Subtle dried herbs and woody smell

You have been looking for "dark" "black" agarwood beads with a "cheap" price. The truth is: it is very difficult to obtain. However, you are still looking.

We got it, so here is a bargain for you

  • The images of this bracelet are raw and unedited
  • You are looking at a "dark" and "black" agarwood bracelet. The best part is: This is a genuine one
  • No trick, no gimmick, no dyed beads (we never will)
  • But you said "such thing" does not exist, why do you have it? The answer is: sandpaper polished will melt down some of the resin which distributed them evenly around the beads
  • Only 1 available