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*New* The KFTD Koi Fish Turn Dragon - Wild Agarwood Bracelet 16mm 28g


Dear friend

Have you ever watch two runners competing for each other?

If yes, then you would know the feeling of the second when he was so close to the first.

If no, then I would like to share you with a story below.

Source: Business insider


On May 2019, at the SEC Track & Field Championship event, Infinite Tucker and Robert Grant were in a close distance before reaching to the finishing line.

Robert was fast, and he almost won. 

In 2017, at the same event, Robert was the champion, and he was going to win again in 2019. Almost there, just a few seconds more, and he was leading.

But Infinite did something incredible. He dived into full superman and landed on the ground.  He WON. Infinite Tucker won

Robert almost made it. He went full force but lost at the end. I was so happy for Infinite but at the same time, felt "pitty" for Robert. He was so close.

The feeling for Robert, my friend, is the exact feeling I have for this Agarwood Bracelet.

Oh, by the way, I forgot to mention:

In 2017, Robert was the champion, and you know who the second was?

You guessed it right. It was Infinite Tucker. 2 years ago in 2017, and he was the second. And now in 2019, he was a champion.

His story reminded me of a legendary tale: the Water Fall Champion: the Koi Fish.


Once upon the time, God was too busy to create human and other living creatures. He asked Dragon to produce rain.

But there were not enough Dragons to do make rain for all the continents around the world, so God created a racing challenge for many sea creatures. The one won will become a Dragon.

There were prawns, breams, milkfish, squid and many different types of living creatures underwater. Koi Fish was among them to participate in this race

The goal was to pass a "Dragon Gate", one passed, the winner would become a Dragon.

When the race started, many participants swam against the strong current river and many gave up. Only a few left when coming close to the Dragon Gate.

So Koi jumped over the gate. Seeing his perseverance, God turned him into a Dragon Fish.


He has an appearance of half-fish, half-dragon.


Why am I telling you this?

Because this bracelet has almost made it. It only needs to gain two more gram to become a "sinking grade."

As I mentioned previously here,  to determine if an item floats or sinks, we use the formula 

this bracelet is 28g 

d = 0.933

To sink underwater,the bracelet density need to be larger than 0.997

which means its weight has to be 30 g, its weight only 28g, 2g missing

In case you wonder how its look like when underwater, here is the image 

You see,  on your right side is a cultivated agarwood bracelet, only 25% of it underwater.

On the left side is this bracelet here, some beads are heavier than others and on average, most of them underwater.

And my friend

If this bracelet gained 2 more gram somehow without changing its volume, it would sink and its price will AT LEAST 3 times as the current one

It almost made it.

It almost sinks! Well almost

The moral of the story and the meaning of this bracelet

When you are wearing this bracelet, it will remind you to persevere. You are almost there, almost reach your goal.

A bit more effort and you will make it, just like the Koi Fish and Mr Tucker.

Only one bracelet available



Wild Agarwood from Borneo Region

Aroma: grassy, woody, a hint of the ocean breeze. 


14 beads