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*SOLD* The Contentment 2 Wild Borneo Agarwood mala 114 beads (108 + 6) - 19g, 8mm


  • ONLY 1 PIECE available
  • 19g of weight, 8mm dimension, a total of 114 beads wild agarwood, Borneo region. 
  • Foolproof classic agarwood pattern: A visible clear agarwood pattern, nice veins, and oil pores and
  • A piece of original material to go with it which allows you to burn or keepsake or even to test out if in doubt of the quality. If you are the one who is looking for a "certificate of authenticity" we have a better one for you: the actual piece of raw material that makes it. Feel free to do whatever you want to do without damage your mala. Sounds cool?
  • You will love this: mala of this quality, on the market, will be around $1000. This one is much less because.... we make it and do a direct deal to you without the middleman 

It has a subtle floral and dried herbal smell

Sandpaper polished, hand-made.