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*New* The Classic Kalimantan 108 mala Wild Agarwood beads 8mm 20g

A rare find agarwood log

In a small village at Belayan River, East Kalimantan, a hunter got an Agarwood log with a length of 1.5 metres. 

He called the local traders.

Among those traders are my friend, KJ. He asked if I would be interested in sharing the cost with him as this was a large log. Without hesitation, I agreed.

He was the first one who arrived at the hunter place. So he had the opportunity to check the log.

He sifted through the log and looked through it carefully.

He turned it front and back to ensure there was no tamper. 

Front side



He also checked the cut to see if it is suitable for beads making.


He even burnt a corner to see what he was getting. The scent was pleasant. It was a very warm woody that the local called it high-class smell.

He knew this was a rare find, so he went all-in.

As he was the first one who arrived. First, in best dress, he took the whole log himself and asked the hunters to tell others who were on the way to go home as this log was sold.


He told me this log is best for mala beads, so I decided to get some 8mm size.  



(see the black mark which was circled in red: this was the burn test that KJ did)



So he made some beads for me, and I am quite pleased with the result.


P/S: the hunter later called my friend if he could buy back from him.  

KJ told me that there was another buyer who was willing to pay 2 times more for this agarwood log that my friend got. That buyer said he had some Singaporeans with cash ready.

KJ refused the hunter's buying back offer because this was a rare find.

I refused, same reason as my friend KJ.


Region: East Kalimantan, near Belayan River

Dimension per bead: 8mm

Weight: 20g

Scent: warm woody, unique to Kalimantan region that many aristocrats are after.

Finish: Sandpaper polished