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The Oud Of Saint - 100% Pure Low Heat Hydrodistillation Sustainable Oud oil

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Dear friend

If you have experienced many Oud oils that are stinky, pungent, and strong barnyard and do not like them, then I have something for you.

Many distillers over-fermented their agarwood before distilling them, this makes their Oud oil non-hygienic and stinky.

That is why we created the Oud of Saint. It is a crafted Oud oil distilled at a constant low temperature.


This ensures the scent will not have any burning notes, which makes it sweet and herbaceous, yet non-smoky in nature.

The Oud of Saint is different. We distilled with care. We hand-picked the material and brewed it in a way that produced a pleasant aroma that would make you happy.


“My wife yelled at me when I got Oud, but when she tried this Oud oil on herself..”

I am about to reveal to you the secret of this extraordinary  Oud oil. Please stay with me until the end, and you will be well informed.

Owen (*) is a local client of mine who is an oud collector. He has been trying many Oud oil from different places. He often meets with people with similar interests like him, “Smelling Oud” to exchange knowledge and experiences. His preferences are clean tenacious, woody, sweet and slightly medicinal. He wants Oud that has a strong impression on the first sniff. And finally, the oud he is considering must be the non-barnyard one.


He has been trying many Oud from us, and he wants more. He confessed to me that he is an “Oud addict”. He is trying new oil every month from different vendors. Occasionally, his wife is not very happy because of his spending spree on Oud. 

One day,  he shared with me; that he had been hiding his oud from her for many months because she would be upset.


When I got him this Oud 

He picked it up from me on the way home. Secretly he did not want his wife to know; he went straight to his room to try it.

But an unusual thing happened: he brought the oil to his wife and said

“Honey, you got to try this. When I dab this oud oil on my hand, I could not believe what I just smelled .”

Owen’s wife yelled at him when he showed her this Oud “ Owen; you wasted money on Oud again? What did I tell you?”

“Common last one for this year I promised; I want you to try this.”


But when Owen’s wife smelled it, her attitude changed. 

“Honey, how was it?” Owen asked

There was a silent period (usually, it was yelling and shouting). After a minute or two, Owen’s wife asks him a question.

“Where did you get this?”

“From a local guy.”

Owen could not believe what his wife said next.

“It is pretty good. Can I have it?”

When Owen told me this story, I was surprised because his wife did not show interest in any of his Oud before. But this Oud changed her perception. From dislike to “can I have it” is a big change. She told Owen that she felt bright, positive and happy when she tried this oil.

I did not talk to Owen’s wife, but through him,  I guessed because of the smoothness, decent woodiness with a minimum smokiness (almost smokeless notes) that she likes. 

But the good thing is, for the first time, Owen and his wife share a common interest in the Oud that they both like.

Oud of Saint’s big secrets

On the surface, this Oud looks like ordinary Oud oil, but when you learn about the process of making it, you will appreciate it more.

My family have been distilling Oud oil for many years. They told me that there are three essential factors to make good Oud Oil.

  1. The material
  2. The equipment
  3. Finally, the skill and experiences

So first, I will start with the material; you can see some of the materials we use here..

We then pulverised them and soaked them into a barrel full of local spring water.

Local spring water, heh? Why is it important? 

Let me explain


Spring Water


I can’t disclose the location because our competitor will get this water, too if I do. However, I can tell you how it makes a difference.

Springwater gets to the surface through the springs themselves. This spring, water has been going through many areas that have thick bedrock. These bedrocks filter out the impurities, making the water clean and clear. Besides, it also has a high mineral content, and my distiller told me that these minerals in the water contribute to the final flavour of the Oud oil.

He experienced the differences.

He distilled two small batches with the same material and the same distilling pot. The only difference is the water used: one uses tap water, and the second one uses spring water.

The difference is clear:

Oud oil using the spring water has a stronger, more intense “addicted” woody scent.

Water is not the only element that makes this oil special. There is more

Special Electric-Heating Still.

Just like a cooking stove, you prefer gas while your friend prefers an electric stove. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. 

The main advantage of gas is speed, and the oil distilled from this method will have a hint of smokiness. 

The main advantage of this Electric Still is low heating with stable temperature. With low-temperature cooking, you will only experience Oud without smoky notes.


The water evaporates slowly but steadily. The water has never boiled so the material (pulverised agarwood) do not burn. And because there is no burn, there will be no smokiness, charred notes, or bitterness. 

With gas heating, it takes 3 days to cook the same amount of oil.

With electric heating, it takes 5 days to cook because of the lower temperature.

I am not saying one is better than another. It is about personal preferences. If you like intense smooth Oud oil without smokiness, this is your oil.

Finally, the last factor that makes this oil so good is the experience of distillers.

We have an experienced team to help us from selecting, distilling, curing, and storing to aging this beautiful Oud oil.  And because of the longer time to produce this oud compared to the average one, it requires a lot of patience - the patience of a saint. So we name this incredible Oud oil “Oud of Saint.” 

I encourage you to try this oil. You will be likely to love it at first sight. You will feel bright, pleasant, and happy, just like Owen’s wife does.

Scent profile: zero barnyards, minimum smokiness, tenacious woody and floral sweetness. 

Distilling method: Electric low-heat hydro distillation.


(*) Although the story is true, Owen is not a real name. I use this pseudonym for privacy reasons.