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SOLD OUT 100% Pure Agarwood Oil -Wild Kalimantan Agarwood Oil SOLD OUT


"Kalimantan: With great resemblance to Wild Taran, Kalimantan is immediately smoother in both its woody profile and the way it is perceived overall on the nose. Kalimantan is a malted oud, with pleasant mellow echoes redolent of a soft Islay single malt Scotch. Notes of banana skin, blackberries, and orange zest offer sufficient departure from the woodiness of Wild Taran."

(Source: Written by Liam Sardea at Olfactics)

Beautiful bright gold liquid oil and very much like Taran oil with rich woodsy aroma profile, oil from Kalimantan Agarwood is smoother, sweeter and more floral compared to deep warmth from spices  of Taran oil.  When applied neatly on skin, the sweet woodsy note will be fully developed and be careful, a little dab is all you need !

The aroma profile is not as complicated as Merauke or Borneo, but if you are in love with wood essential oils, then you may want to try our Kalimantan agarwood oil as it will bring you a whole different experience.