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Grandawood Agarwood Incense-The Daily Incense 20g


🌟Are you struggling to find naturally made incense that is not overwhelming yet perfect for your everyday rituals?

🌟Are you tired of the synthetic options and sawdust in the marketplace and longing for a cost-effective incense with an authentic agarwood aroma?

😌Imagine a world where you can enjoy the delightful, woody aroma of genuine Agarwood incense filling your home or office space, instantly transforming the atmosphere into a tranquil sanctuary. You can focus on your daily rituals effortlessly, connect with your inner peace, and find serenity.

🌈🕯️Introduce the Daily Incense🕯️🌈


Our Agarwood incense sticks are the solution you have been searching for. Crafted with Agarwood and natural binding materials, these incense sticks offer an authentic and pleasing experience that stands out from synthetic alternatives. With a burning time of approximately 25-30 minutes per stick, you can indulge in the rich scent without breaking the bank.

Don't wait any longer – try our Agarwood incense today and elevate your daily rituals with a genuinely exceptional incense experience.

Incense stick length: 21 cm

Incense diameter:  ~1mm

Net weight: 20g

Burning time length of each stick: approx 25-30 mins