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*New* Dusky Red 108 Mala- made from Ambon Island Wild Agarwood 15g 8mm


Over the weekend, my friend found an agarwood log for sale at the local village in Ambon Island.

About the wood log

The wood is decade-old with decent resin. This type of wood log is suitable for beads making because it is hard enough to buff into sphere shape without being cracked by polishing machine.

He has not seen this type of wood with this grain for a while, so he decided to get it.,


What so special?

Not only the appearance is unique, but also the aroma of this log.

It is smokey, woody and leafy.

You and I have experienced woody and smokey but certainly not leafy.

The smell contains a similar note of steamed lotus leaves.  The leafy aroma reminds me of my friends and relatives gathering. 

Since the local villager offered a special price for this log, my friend decided to pass the saving to you too. He made four 108 mala (with 6 counter beads). Each mala is around 15g with the dimension of 8mm.

You see, many people wanted a darker colour, with good resin, but quite often with wild agarwood, the price is usually above $500 for this quality. But because the bargain my friend received (thanks to the local villager), we are able to make this deal for you,

If you always wanted a wild agarwood mala with dark brown colour, then you would be interested in this

Only 1 piece left for  $350 AUD

In short, decent quality for an entry-level price (and a very special smell that you are unlikely to smell it before)