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Heat-Without-Burn Plate - A new way to enjoy resin incense or agarwood chips

If you want to burn your resin without the burning note, then you would be interested in this 2.5cm x 2.2cm Heat-Without-Burn Plate. 

You get some resin to burn, for example, frankincense or agarwood. But you find every time you place it on top of the charcoal, you smell burnt.

That happens because the flame contacts your resin directly, like when you BBQ your meat under a flame.

The burnt odour makes your incense less enjoyable, and you don't want that.


Good news

We have a solution for you.

To enjoy the fragrance from your resin, you only need your own resin, this unique Heat-Without-Burn Plate and a charcoal disc.

  • Light the charcoal up, and wait for 2 minutes when a thin layer of ash is formed from the charcoal.
  • Place the "Heat-Without-Burn Plate" on top of the charcoal.
  • Then place your resin or incense on top of this Heat-Without-Burn Plate

Its sole purpose is to protect the woodchips or resin from combusting during incensation.

This Heat-Without-Burn Plate not only increases the burn time of your precious woodchip but also releases agarwood fragrance with a very minimum burn note.

Perfect for resin or Agarwood Chip heating.

Agarwood Chips Burnt resistant. Maximise your precious Agarwood Chip by using this Heat-Without-Burn Plate

  • No burning smell
  • Excellent heating experience
  • Compatible with charcoal use

This would be very beneficial for someone who wants to test agarwood chips on the spot without "combusting" the precious wood, giving you a pleasant musky and vanillic smell of agarwood.

Size 2.5cm x 2.2 cm

The video below only demonstrates the heat resistant feature of this Heat-Without-Burn Plate. It does not mean you have to do it this way.

The heat-Without-Burn Plate is a mica plate that is made from minerals. It is heat resistant so that you will have a better experience enjoying the incense aroma. 

You can use our Heat-Without-Burn Plate in "Kodo" style per below:

There are 2 layers of heat isolation: rice ash and a mica plate's layer, making the experience even better.

 Photo by James/ mica rocks/minerals



What can you use this plate for?

Suitable for heating resin, wood chips and pressed incense 

You can heat frankincense resin, myrrh, Agarwood, Sandalwood chips, pressed incense