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Mica Plate- Shoyeido

  • Brand: Shoyeido Japan
  • Dimension: 7/8"
  • Used on charcoal and ash to gently raise the temperature of aromatic wood chips or used with an electronic incense burner.


Thin sheets of mica, a translucent silicate mineral, have been used in Japan for hundreds of years for heating - rather than burning - raw aromatics wood chips and kneaded incense.

There is no more burning scent, just the sweet, creamy vanillic, classic agarwood chip, the scent from heaven. This tool is strongly recommended for a better experience of enjoying agarwood chips. 

 This is a perfect way to insulate the extreme heat from charcoal, preventing the chip from burning and keeping the right temperature for a good time. A good way to enjoy fragrant wood longer with a better experience

How it looks like 

Source Shoyeido Incense Co with permission to repost