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*NEW* Malaysian Wild Agarwood bracelet 17mm- 22.50g

Origin: Malaysia

Bead size: 17mm, 14 beads

Weight: 22.50 g

The Wild Agarwood Bracelet is an unmistakably unique piece of jewellery crafted from some of the most exotic materials found in Malaysia's lush and mysterious forests. This one-of-a-kind bracelet features 17mm beads handcrafted from wild agarwood with a subtle yet irresistible vanillic, sweet aroma when you stay very close to it.

Every bead is carefully selected for its deep, dark colouring and rich texture - some even appearing darker and more resinous than others, reflecting their origin deep within the jungle. These beads radiate a unique beauty that will add a hint of mystery to your outfit.

The Wild Agarwood Bracelet is also believed to have spiritual value. It is known to help encourage relaxation, reduce stress, and bring about peace of mind. Whether you wear it for its striking beauty or enjoy its calming scent whenever you need it, this treasured bracelet will become your most prized accessory.

This bracelet weighs 22.5g and features 14 carefully chosen beads that inspire calmness in all who see them. With such a classic and simple design, the Wild Agarwood Bracelet makes the perfect gift for yourself or someone special in your life.