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LLH - Old Tiger Wild Agarwood bracelet


These two rare Agarwood bracelets are made from wild Borneo Agarwood patterned to look like a tiger's skin, giving them a powerful and spiritual edge.

In addition, its small size makes it easy to add to your meditation practice or everyday protection feeling.

The stunning bracelet comes in two sizes to accommodate your various needs and style preferences.


The 10mm option has 22 beads and weighs just 10.5 grams approximately. 

This bracelet will fit a 19-cm wrist


The 12mm option has 17 beads weighing 14.5 grams approximately 

 This bracelet will fit an 18-cm wrist

Both show off the remarkable material and craftsmanship as if it were light as a feather. All of these features come together to make an accessory that will give you peace and balance like never before.

Treat yourself, or someone special in your life, to personal serenity and spiritual connection with the LLH Old Tiger Agarwood bracelet today.

These two are perfect for Agarwood collectors who want something precious and rare.

You are getting a bargain

Let me explain

The density of the 22 beads bracelet is 0.91 g/cm3

The density of the 17 beads bracelet is 0.94 g/cm3

The density of water is 1g/cm3

If the density of these 2 bracelets is more than 1, the price would be 4 times more than the current listed price.


Because they will sink underwater, any sinking Agarwood bracelets are rare and costly.

The density of These two bracelets is very close to 1; they would submerge into the water while other parts would remain above the water's surface.

 These two bracelets can be customised to fit your wrist size

Simply let me know your wrist size, and I will ensure it fits your wrist.

Kind Regards