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*New* Green Kygarwood Powder and Kygarwood chips- from Sustainable Premium Ky Nam Wood


What does a $600,000-a-kg piece of wood smell like?

If you look at the below tree, you will wonder why it is locked.

It is locked because it is worth several millions of US dollars. Many poachers want to steal parts of it.

Really? You may ask.

I am not bragging. This tree is over 350kg, off of resins-Kygarwood. And from this tree, we cultivate many seedlings. It is our guarded secret.

Why is it worth so much?

Because it has “Kygarwood.” I named this wood because when it is burnt, it has similar notes to the wild Ky Nam (Kyara).

The aroma of it surpasses many Agarwood on the market, even the wild ones.

Let me tell you about Kygarwood, a really special kind of wood that smells amazing. Think of it as a magical journey for your nose, but without the need to spend a ton of money.

So, when you warm up this wood just a little bit, at about 50 degrees Celsius (that is not too hot), it starts to release this incredible smell. It's like opening the door to a whole new world where everything smells luxurious and inviting. The cool part? It gets even better as it gets warmer.

When the temperature hits 60 degrees, the wood lets off a bit of smoke, and the air fills up with this rich, smooth scent. It is a smell so good and unique that no other kind of wood, whether it's grown wild or on a farm, can match it.

Push the heat up to 100 degrees, and you'll see some smoke hanging around, making the air feel special and full of this creamy, dreamy smell. It's like the room is hugging you with its fragrance.

Now, when things really heat up, between 150 and 180 degrees, that is when Kygarwood shows its true colors. Its best smell comes out, wrapping you up in something so good it feels like a spell. If you ever get used to the smell and want to be amazed again, just step out of the room and come back in. It's like experiencing the magic for the first time.

And here's why Kygarwood is such a big deal.  In the wild jungle, there is this super rare type of wood is called Ky Nam that is almost impossible to find now. It used to be something only really important people like kings could enjoy because it smells out of this world and is super expensive. We're talking about $600 for a tiny piece, which means it would cost you $600,000 for a kilogram! Sometimes even more.

But Kygarwood changes the game. It is grown in a way that doesn't hurt the planet, and it brings that once-in-a-lifetime smell right to your doorstep without breaking the bank. So, even if you're not royalty, you get to experience something truly special. That's the magic of Kygarwood – it's like having a piece of history and luxury, all wrapped up in one.

Introduce Green Kygarwood

In the past Vietnam feudal era, only the Royal could get their noses at it as it was illegal for common people to process Ky Nam. It was exclusively for the King, and high social-ranking people could try its unique, creamy, woody aroma.

After trying this beautiful woody agarwood aroma, I want to share it with you, too.

So, you can be one of the few privileged people to own this chip.

You may wonder what Kygarwood smells like.

When you open up your Kygarwood chip bag, bring it up to your nose and take a deep breath in its intoxicating aroma, you will know why this wood is so special. With every breath, you will feel its energy. This feeling enhances 10 folds when you heat Kygarwood under charcoal or electric burner.

Owning Kygarwood is owning a piece of history.

You will not only enjoy its heavenly scent, but you will also be helping to preserve this endangered species for future generations.


Why is it challenging to find genuine Wild Ky Nam Wood?

VL is an experienced agarwood trader. He is also an enthusiastic collector of agarwood.

His stock of agarwood chips is measured in tons, not kg, and worth several million.

Not only that, but he trades Ky Nam (also known as Kyara) frequently. VL is well-connected in the Vietnamese agarwood industry. He has won some of Ky Nam's auctions and had several rare pieces worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Among many wins, he was scammed many times. After being fooled a few times, he developed his sharp eyes and nose, which he used to identify Ky Nam. 

To him, Ky Nam is a "misleading" word when somebody uses it to call his wood. This term is often overused and abused by many sellers who claim to owe it. He said many sellers were selling Ky Nam beads, Ky Nam oils, and Ky Nam incense. It is difficult to verify whether these products contain genuine Wild Ky Nam. In fact, if you get these items from these sellers, there are good chances that the item might not be authentic.

Think about it, for something that costs thousands and thousands of dollars per gram (not kilogram) to obtain, the yielding is extremely small. If these incense or oils had genuine Ky Nam in them, could the seller sell them at what price?

What about Ky Nam bracelets? 

You see, there will be a lot of wastage to make bracelets, which are usually sphere shape. So, would it be better for the seller to auction that raw Ky Nam piece rather than make a bracelet? Then, the buyer can commission a bead maker to make the Ky Nam bracelet for him.

But first

Why would you want to smell Ky Nam?

One word: Curiosity

Because it is rare, an experience of a lifetime, have you wondered how something that takes a century to form smells?

Maybe you have not heard of Ky Nam, but you most likely heard of the Corpse Flower.

You see, it takes around 10 years for the corpse flower (Titan Arum) to bloom. Although it smells like a rotten corpse, thousands of people queued up to smell it. The funny part: it was not even fragrant. It stinks, and it attracts flies.

What does it take for someone to smell Ky Nam Wood? (and it is not just about money)


A lot of Karma Points

What is Karma's point?

When a person does a good deed, for example, helping an elder crossing a street, he earns a good karma point. The more good deeds he does, the more karma "points" he makes.

The opposite is also true. If a person harms someone in any way, he will "earn" lousy karma points.

There was an old saying: one needs to accumulate three lives' worth of good karma points to smell wild Ky Nam. It means one person needs to earn good Karma in his life, then reincarnate and do it 2 more. Only then will that person have enough faith to have a chance to appreciate the wild Ky Nam wood. 

Impossible, you said. And I agreed. Not to mention, Wild Ky Nam has been wiped out. It only appears in the textbook and legends.

So does that mean there is no hope for people like you and me to experience this aroma?  

Bad news: there is a minimal chance you might encounter Wild Ky Nam. And even when you do, would you burn something that costs millions per kg to smell?

I have been trying to get good karmas for many years. I do not know who I was in the past or future. But in this life, I am an agarwood lover, just like you.

And here is the good news, 

Although I may not have enough Karma points, I have been fortunate to experience the scent of Ky Nam wood. Thanks to the advanced science in horticulture, a few farmers can re-create the creamy notes of wild Ky Nam. Take a look at these wood pieces.

And one of the farmers donate the sample to the lab to examine

The result is astonishing.

You see, sesquiterpenes are the primary aromatic compounds of agarwood.

At 40 degrees Celsius, while the aromatic compounds of this farmed Ky Nam wood are not the same as the wild one, it is higher than cultivated agarwood. Even more, it has some compounds that cultivated agarwood does not have.

From 100 degrees Celsius, the farmed Ky nam wood releases more compounds similar to the wild.

Although it is challenging to replace Wild Ky Nam, the farmed Ky Nam wood gives hope to the future. At least for you and I to experience it

 So I will call it - KYGARWOOD, a premium cultivated and sustainable Ky Nam wood.

VL laughed when he heard of it, but when he tried, he could not believe 

VL has tried Ky Nam before. Although he had several art pieces of the Wild Ky Nam, he was unwilling to burn any of them (which cost him hundreds of thousands of dollars)

So when he heard of Kygarwood, he thought we were joking with him. So he tried to laugh it off.

But he had nothing to lose to try anyway, so he decided to give it.

First, the Kygarwood has a dark brown colour. Second, it looks wet because it is rich in oil content. He took a whiff and got excited.

Turning his electric incense burner on, with 0.5g of Kygarwood powder on top, here is what he found: 

  • At 50 degrees, the sweet and mysterious smell rises.
  • At 60 degrees Celcius: a thin layer of smoke with a creamy, milky wood fragrance appears. Agarwood does not have this note- wild and cultivated.  
  • At 100 degree Celcius: the smoke is still thin, the brown powder turn darker, and you can see tiny bubbles in the powder. The creamy scent starts filling the room. What an experience
  • When the Kygarwood loses its potentness, it is time to juice everything out. At 150 to 180 degrees: the unique aroma of Ky Nam is unmistakable and peaks. It will last around 5 minutes. Your nose is used to the scent by this time, and you may not feel it. Walk out of the room and walk back in; you will be delighted again and again.

You can turn the burner off and leave the room. The scent will linger in the air for a while. If someone walks into your room, he will wonder what smells so pleasant.

After trying our Kygarwood, VL is delighted. He told us we made his day and got some of this Kygarwood powder to gift his friends.

Many people have tried agarwood before, but this new Kygarwood. Experience the difference

The solid black colour is resin. When heated, the milky, creamy aroma will captivate your attention.


You see, wild Ky Nam is almost gone. If you don't believe me, look at Shoyeido Premium Agarwood incense with Ky Nam in it. Ky Nam is known as Kyara in Japanese, and all the Kyara lines are sold out.

If you missed those lines because you missed the Kyara scent, then consider this Kygarwood. Better yet, you can enjoy it in pure form.

A tiny bit will do wonder. Milky, Creamy and Woody. What an experience of a lifetime !

Under the microscope, you will see how resinous the powder is; I have circled them in red. They are resin, and they smell incredible when heated.




You will learn the unique creamy scent of it, and this aroma will imprint in your brain. Then, when you already have enough good karma points in your life, and when it is time for you to see the real thing, you can tell. At least you know what smell you are looking for in Ky Nam wood. 

Feeling curious? Try it yourself