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Grandawood Agarwood "Kỳ Bì" Kyara's Skin (Bark) Powder


Kyara (Ky Nam) is the most expensive fragrant wood on earth because it is rare and takes decades or even centuries to form. 

Dr W S, the founder of Kyarazen, has an excellent article for comparison between agarwood and Kyara

Source: Kyarazen.com

Due to its high price, not many consumers want to burn or heat Kyara to enjoy but rather make beads (bracelet or necklace) out of it, creating some pulverised particles or powder known as Kyara Powder 

In wild nature, kyara is exceedingly rare, it could be found from Aquilaria's roots, heartwood, branches or even barks.  

Our Kyara powder is formed from decades old Aquilaria's bark (in Vietnamese, it is called Bì Kỳ, skin of Kyara) which is soft, and peelable, thus it is not suitable to make beads. However, its scent is still incredibly sublime. If you have ever tried agarwood powder, try this to see a big difference.  The scent lasts so much longer and smell so much better  with more complexity

Its weight is around double compared to our cultivated version. Once heated, it is super intensive, the aroma is much denser than standard agarwood powder. You will have an overjoy experience.

This powder contains genuine Kyara's bark . You are buying from a trusted agarwood grower, seller and buyer!

It is best used with incense electric heater with a mica plate to fully enjoy the amazing scent.

Try 1 tiny dab (0.05g) on the heater. After just 10 minutes, your whole room will smell like a holy temple. Even if you switched off the heater, you could feel the scent after several hours. That how powerful it is !

Disclaimer: in Vietnam the cost to obtain genuine kyara is over 200,000 USD per kg which makes it  not possible to sell 100% kyara powder (prohibitively expensive).

However, please you can feel peace in mind  because this powder contains genuine pulverised Kyara’s bark and extremely resinous wild Vietnamese agarwood powder from Nha Trang Province which offer you a genuine scent of enlightment.