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The EKM - East Kalimantan Wild Agarwood Bracelet 14mm 16.5g

This Wild Agarwood Bracelet will come with Double Certificate of Authenticity.

Usually, we got asked for a Certificate of Authenticity all the time. This time you will be happy because we don't give you one BUT TWO.

"What? What does it mean by two?"

You see anyone who can give you a piece of paper; everyone has a printer who can print. Even the item is not genuine; a certificate could be issued too. Isn't it challenging to buy an authentic item these days?

We have good news for you, ready to see? There you go

Two resinous, and juicy pieces of the remaining material that are too small to make another bead. 

No paper certificate would be given, but two solid pieces of agarwood for your reference.

Usually, we just grind them to make oil out of it, but these two are so beautiful, so we decided to complement for the bracelet owner.

"But what can I do with them?"

Again, they are for your piece of mine, anytime you can

  • Bring it our to the lab to test if it is genuine agarwood.
  • Heat it to have an authentic smell of this bracelet which out damaging it. Common, have you ever wondered what bead making grade agarwood smell like. Certainly, some of you have heard of incense grade agarwood, but have you tried bead-making grade one? :)
  • Or just keep it all together, a keepsake item.
  • Give one to your friend because you have two.


Product information:

Weight 16.5g

Beads size: 14mm

Number of beads: 16 beads

Region: Malinau East Kalimantan

Please note: it suits with 18mm wrist per below. It is a perfect match

However, we are happy to take one or two beads off for you to fit with your wrist. Of course, you keep those beads in a separate container or zip bag.