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The Fortunate Charm-Indonesia Borneo Wild Dark Bracelet circa 27g

This beautiful bracelet is weighed over 26g  with a dimention of circa 16.5 mm (double than the normal on the market which is 13g to 14 g). Below is the agarwood dust created when the bracelet is made during filing and sawing

Original material from hunters which would be carefully selected to process for beads making.

After "cleaning" and "cutting", revealing beautiful resinous. Ready to "round"

After several hours of  filing, I manage to keep a bit before these dust are "cooked" to distill oil. The aroma was woody to start, and spicy after 5 minutes. In general, it was a very pleasant scent.

At it comes to the base note, it reminds me the smell of our Dark Merauke (see below for more info. For those who love this oil, you would love this bracelet.. What a perfect match. Truly magnificent bracelet !

For someone who like "darker bracelet" , this is for that person :)


P/S Please note, as a bracelet, it is more about keepsake, feng shui and spiritual value. The scent is VERY SUBTLE, yet detectable. Please do not expect this to have a penetrating smell and DO NOT ATTEMPT TO BURN IT to test as this is a genuine agarwood beads.