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Resin coated Indo Agarwood Mala Prayer beads, Meditation Necklace 108 Wild Agarwood Mala Beads

Dear friend

If you love to wear a bracelet or a mala on your wrist, but you sweat a bit,

then read on because I have only 2 of these unique items made for you.

Please allow me to tell you something you have already known. In your sweat, there is salt and salt will damage your jewellery. Your metal necklace or bracelet will likely tarnish after a period of time. 


We usually don't do this: add a layer of coated resin on top of the agarwood beads

Because it is called "adulterant",  under normal circumstances, agarwood lovers only like pure products, yes, 100% genuine agarwood beads.

However, I know may oud lovers, 108 mala lovers but they tend to sweat more than average. 

And due to this reason, we decided to do something special.

We want to create a 108-mala-agarwood that is durable, glossy and can withstand sweat. This 108-mala will be made from infected Aquilaria tree (agarwood) only.

So we see a local trader who has a dark resin substance made from "liquidating" the agarwood resin. They called it "Getah". Unfortunately, he did not want to reveal the secret of making this "Getah". He only told me that it was from the Aquilaria tree. 

The Middle East people, usually use this "Getah" to burn with wood chips as it enhances the wood chips smell. Alone, it smells like tree medicine (dried herbs).

He told me if he applied this coating on this two 108-mala, it would

  • make the mala heavier (39g compared to normal weigh of 20g)
  • glossier, darker (Getah in nature, are dark brown)
  • more solid
  • durable, less likely to crack
  • Sweat-resistant

It works like a transparent coated pain.

So I agree, but only with two would be coated by this extraordinary effect 

Type: Indonesia, Borneo Agarwood

Beads: 108

Bead dimension: 8 -8.5 mm

Necklace length: approx 80- 85 cm

Weight: 39g

Aroma: subtly sweet, woodsy, light sour note, aromatic

Colour: deep dark brown


Coated with Getah agarwood resin around the beads All beads are genuine agarwood.


Beautiful and high-quality meditation necklace, this is a highly resinous necklace by itself. With an extra coated layer of "Getah", you will fall in love with this unique necklace.

I know what you are still thinking: But is this a genuine agarwood?

Yes, it is. It is made from agarwood with a coated layer of Getah.

So if you just want agarwood beads without anything extra, then this item may not for you.

If you want a sweat-resistant high-quality agarwood mala, you might consider this item.