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High resin cultivated agarwood chip 5g or 10g or 20g or 50g or 1 kg


Discover the divine scent of our Highly resinous Agarwood Chips

Offer a Sensory Experience Unlike Any Other

Are you in search of an extraordinary fragrance that captivates the senses and elevates your living spaces? Look no further. Our Agarwood chips are meticulously chosen for their high resin content, offering you nothing but the finest parts of the tree.

Why Our Agarwood Chips are Exceptional

  • Only the highest quality, resin-rich pieces are selected, guaranteeing you an unrivaled aromatic experience.
  • Simply press your nose against a chip to feel its captivating aroma, even at room temperature.
  • Each chip is approximately 1 mm thick and is carefully processed to discard the less-valuable white wood, leaving behind only the mesmerizing, resin-infused portions.



Photo: Self-taken

"dark resin", the defence mechanism created when the Aquilaria tree attacked, Agarwood, the scent from heaven

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A Symphony of Scents

Our Agarwood chips emanate a complex bouquet of aromas, blending woodsy, spicy, and honey-like scents with sweet and floral undertones. The result is a delightful, heavenly fragrance that must be experienced to be believed.

Versatility in Use

  • These chips are not just for olfactory enjoyment; they serve as the primary ingredient in many top-quality Agarwood incense.
  • Ideal for house smudging, religious ceremonies, and a plethora of other applications.

The Science Behind the Scent

This incredible aroma comes from "dark resin," a natural defense mechanism triggered when the Aquilaria tree is under attack. It's nothing less than a scent from heaven.

Instructions for an Optimal Experience

  • For ambient fragrance, light one end of the chip, blow it out quickly, and allow the smoke to permeate your space.
  • For a more sustained release, place approximately 0.5g of a woodchip on incense or bamboo charcoal. Alternatively, you can use an electric incense burner, starting at around 180 degrees Celsius and increasing the temperature slowly.

Elevate Special Moments

Immerse your body, hair, and clothes in this divine fragrance. Place about 1g of an Agarwood chip on odourless charcoal or an electric burner. Gradually, the enchanting aroma will unfold, enveloping you in a holy aura that is perfect for weddings or special occasions.

Why settle for the ordinary when you can indulge in the extraordinary? Elevate your sensory experience with our premium Agarwood chips. [Click here for mica plate]

Uncover the ultimate aromatic experience today. You will not regret it.


For olfactory enjoyment

  1. Light one end up and quickly blow it out, the smoke will create a nice fragrance.
  2. Place around 0.5 g of woodchip on top of the incense charcoal (bamboo charcoal), this is the best method to enjoy as the fragrance will be slowly released from the woodchip. Alternatively, place them under an electric incense burner, the key here is to heat NOT burn, start around 180 Celsius degree and increase the temperature slowly 

 For the body, hair or clothes infusing

  1. Place around 1g of agarwood chip on odourless charcoal or electric burner, slowly, the fragrance of the woodchip will release, casting your clothes/ body/ hair with this holy aura. Suitable for weddings or special occasions.

CAUTION: beware of fire hazards, turn off the all-electric burner after using or extinguish all charcoal for your own safety 

 Ship worldwide with CITES permit directly from Vietnam for any purchase of more than 1kg