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Happy (Laughing) Buddha Wild Agarwood Car Decor with Silver Hanger


Material: Wild Aquilaria Malaccensis

Weight: around 30g

Around: 5 x 4 x 1.4 cm

This Happy Buddha (Mi Le) is carefully crafted from decent resin agarwood piece attached with original silver hanger.

As you are aware, crafting and engraving on agarwood is not an easy task due to its nature softness. The image is blur or unclear sometimes. At Grandawood, we strive for quality, the material as well as the craftsmanship, please see it yourself.

May Buddha bring happiness and fortune to you and your family !

Why is this statue not black?

Genuine agarwood is dark brown with visible "resin" (infected) spot. Black wood is either dyed or non-agarwood type.