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Green Kygarwood Agarwood 108 Mala and Bracelet


Dear friend

Today, I want to talk to you about a very special product that I'm excited about - Green Kygarwood.

If you have not heard of Kygarwood, click here.

If you tried Kygarwood before, you would know how good it is

Green Kygarwood is a very rare and resinous wood that is prized by collectors for its unique properties.

What makes Green Kygarwood so special is its dense resin distribution. This allows it to retain its aroma for a long time, making it very desirable for those who appreciate the smell of Agarwood.

Another unique property of Green Kygarwood is its sweet, woody, rich vanillic buttery creamy smell when heated. This makes it perfect for use in mala beads, as the aroma will stay in the air for a while and be very enjoyable to wear.

I asked many experienced Agarwood collectors for an opinion. They said the aroma was great and even surpassed some of the good quality wild agarwood chips.

The Green Kygarwood 108 mala weighs around 19.5g, each bead has a dimension of 8mm.

In short, if this mala is from genuine Wild Ky Nam, it could be more than 15,000 USD. 

Why wild Ky Nam is so expensive?

Because it is almost extinct. Many people claim they are selling Wild Ky Nam, maybe it is true, but have you wondered if something that takes centuries to form could be available everywhere?

The Aquilaria tree that has this quality of Kynam-like Agarwood is old-cultivated. It is grown on private land, and there is no risk in life.

What do I mean?

As Ky Nam is precious, hunters who find Ky Nam usually face real danger.  It means they could be robbed even by their peers. So they factor that into the cost.

Also, genuine wild Ky Nam will usually be auctioned.  Many people have never had a chance to see it. So It is hard to know what it looks like 

That is why we introduce this mala to you; when touching it, you will feel a thin layer of oil around the bead. You can smell the sweet, woody smell of this mala at room temperature, just like the genuine Ky Nam.