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Golden Harvest Premium Australian Sandalwood Powder


Manh lives in Le Minh Xuan (Binh Chanh wart HCM city), where the air is always filled with the rich fragrance of spices and herbs. He is an artisan incense maker known far and wide for his meticulously crafted, high-quality incense. Yet, for all his skill and reputation, Marcus is faced with a lingering question: How can he infuse his creations with an even more enchanting aroma?
Even though people really like his incense, Marcus feels that the spiritual value is still missing. He thinks his incense needs to do more than just smell good; it should also make people feel peaceful deep inside.

Then, one day, Marcus comes across an advertisement for Golden Harvest Premium Sandalwood Powder, a sustainably harvested sandalwood from the untouched wilderness of Western Australia. He decides to give this powder a try.

When the package arrives, Marcus unpacks the package, and an unprecedented aroma permeates the air. Opening the bag, he feels he is in a peaceful, ancient forest. The creamy woody scent envelops him like a warm embrace, like holding the distilled essence of nature itself.

Unable to resist his creative urge, Marcus begins crafting a new batch of incense immediately. This time, he adds a touch of joss powder as a binder, blending it with his usual herbs and resins. As he incorporates the Golden Harvest Premium into the mix, he finds it fuses seamlessly, enhancing the overall blend while maintaining its own unique fragrance.

And then, the moment arrives. The incense cone is lit, and Marcus waits with bated breath. Almost instantly, a rich, complex scent fills the air, as if the room itself is exhaling pure serenity. The aroma is unlike anything Marcus has ever created—richer, deeper, more complex.


Dear incense maker 

You are not just buying a product; you are investing in a rich, high-quality aromatic experience that can't be replicated. Oour sandalwood powder releases an unparalleled fragrance when burned—transporting you to a realm of serene tranquillity.

Are you an incense maker looking to create uniquely enchanting incense cones or an aromatherapist desiring quality ingredients? Our Golden Harvest Premium Sandalwood is tailor-made for you. Its fine texture holds well with our Joss Powder or Makkoh. It seamlessly blends with other powders, making it an incredibly versatile addition to your incense creations.

Experience the aroma, feel the difference, and celebrate the sumptuous quality of true sandalwood like never before!