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GC-Agarwood chips sample set -Free Mica plate included

You will get 1g of each sample of the below.
A free Mica plate will be included for you to enjoy heating these wonderful Agarwood chips.

A) Flat Agarwood Chips
—Effortlessly elegant, these thin “sheets” are your quick pass to an aromatic paradise. Perfect for those evenings when you need a swift escape into tranquillity, they are ready to heat and transform your space.

B) Green Kygarwood Agarwood Chips - One of the finest woody aromas in the world. For the discerning connoisseur on a budget, these chips offer a scent that rivals the rarest in the world. Who else wants to try $ 600,000-a-kg aroma without paying the same price?

C) Edge Wood Agarwood Chips - Hand-selected chips for the most resinous part of the chips, then we hand-selected again to ensure you get the best. Double hand-selected for the most discerning noses. Each piece resonates with a deep, clean, resinous fragrance crafted for those who accept nothing but the pinnacle of quality. The choice of experienced connoisseurs.

D) Shredded Green Kygarwood - Practicality meets luxury. It is the same with Green Kygarwood, but shredded for your convenience, designed to conserve, this variant ensures you savour every particle of precious aroma, making luxury last longer and go further.

E) Shifukuko Wild Agarwood Chips - Drawn from trees matured in rich tradition, these chips offer a complex, woody and deeply aromatic experience. For those who seek more than a scent—a story in every breath.

F) Great Karma: Decent Cultivated Agarwood by a Monk's Technique - Grown with ancient wisdom, these chips carry the essence of sustainability and the soul of tradition. Experience the authentic, unaltered aroma of Agarwood


Elevate your senses. Choose your essence. Experience Agarwood like never before.

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