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Fortune and Wealth Attractor - Wild Agarwood 108 mala from Borneo 6mm 13g

He worries that bad luck will come to him every day, but when he wears this agarwood mala ...

Goh's story

Goh is a Singaporean; he is a firm believer in Fengshui. At his home and office, following the instruction of his Feng Shui Master, he arranges his furniture, decors, and any other pieces to harmonise his lives, attract wealth and fortune. 

Goh travels to work quite often,  and he finds it is hard to “Feng Shui” everywhere he goes. If he did not re-arrange stuff in his room,  he would feel anxious and paranoid. However, to “Feng Shui” all items in a temporary room taking a lot of time. On top of his work-related stress, having this “Feng Shui” stress is really unnecessary.  

He shows his concerns to his Feng Shui Master, and his Master instructed him to get a personal agarwood mala piece. Particularly, the mala must be from wild agarwood with a dark colour.

Goh contacts us because his Master refers him to us.

Immediately, Goh is hooked by the Ethereal mala, but unfortunately, this marvellous piece was sold.

Goh refused to get anything else, and he agreed to wait


At that time, I told him it was difficult to get one and even encouraged him to try somewhere else because I do not have the same one.

Many months passed without news. One day out of the blue, I got news from my contact L.

L found the material from an inner circle trading group in East Kalimantan.


The material was from Borneo Island; the local graded it “Double King” graded Agarwood. It means old, mature, resinous agarwood. 


The hunter who sold this material was also a craftsman, and he crafted 15 pieces of agarwood mala and bracelets.

L handpicked the best-looking one: three bracelets for himself and two mala for me. 


So I contacted Goh, and he got it immediately.


After a week of wearing, he told me that this mala calm his mind. He has been wearing it whenever he is travelling to work. He no longer needs to “Feng Shui” stuff around whenever he is not at home or his office. This rare agarwood mala absorbs the bad energy around him and produce a positive one. He feels it.

Although I do not know much about Feng Shui, I am glad that finally, he finds what he wants. 

So if your Fengshui Master advises you to get an agarwood mala, then take a look at this mala: the Fortune and Wealth Attractor.

It changes Goh’s life. It saves him time, calms him down and brings him more fortune.


You do not have to worry about this agarwood's genuineness because the hunter who got this wood is also the one who made this mala. Compare this "Fortune and Wealth Attractorto the one on the market you see on the market, and you will see the difference in quality.

The one on the market is lighter, while the "Fortune and Wealth Attractor" is darker.

The one on the market does not have its origin, it could be handled by many people and the seller may have no idea. The Fortune and Wealth Attractor comes from an experienced hunter and he is also a craftsman.

The one on the market may cost the same or even higher, but you are unsure about its genuineness. The "Fortune and Wealth Attractor" comes with our “Double Money Back” Guarantee.”

“If you bring this to a testing laboratory and the result shows it is a counterfeit, then you will get double your money back $1,999 x 2 = $3,998.”

When you wear this mala, luck, and wealth are not the only two you are attracting.

Imagine the admiration of your friends and relatives when they look at this mala of yours. They all want what you own: a rare piece of agarwood mala but they cannot have it because you are the one who takes action.

So whether you are a Feng Shui believer like Goh does or you love high-quality agarwood beads, then I urge you to invest in this mala. There is only one piece available and it is only available here at Grandawood.