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Florage - Decades of Dedication, Drops of Distinction 12-Year Aged Oud Oil

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In the serene coastal suburb of Cottesloe, Western Australia, lived K S, a dedicated psychologist whose clinic was always buzzing with activity. Each day, he listened, guided, and offered solace, and while he loved his job, the emotional toll often left him drained.

After particularly challenging days, K S had a unique ritual. He retreated to a corner of his home, where an exquisite collection of Oud oils awaited him. Each vial told a story, and K S found solace in their deep, intricate aromas. The act of inhaling these scents was his escape, a sensory journey that calmed his mind and eased his stress. For him, Oud was more than just a fragrance; it was a balm for the soul.

But not all Oud oils were created equal. K S had experienced the entire spectrum - from the most invigorating and rich scents to those that were disappointingly dull or even unpleasant. He had learned the hard way, sometimes paying exorbitant prices for oils that failed to deliver on their promise.

One day, while searching for a new addition to his collection, K S texted me if I had something new for him. He was looking for something that smelled deep woody herbaceous, not pungent.

So I told K S about our fine-aged cultivated Agarwood oil

Imagine an Oud oil that goes beyond the standard stages of production. While many boast of purity, only a few stand the test of time and dedication. Welcome to the realm of Florage's 12-Year Aged Oud Oil, where decades of dedication meet drops of distinction.

But what truly sets Florage apart?

Picture an essential oil bottle, brimming to the top. At Florage, we understand the nuances that make an exceptional oud oil. By minimising the headspace in our bottles, we ensure the oil's essence remains unscathed. Lesser air means reduced chances of oxidation, preserving the oil’s integrity and richness.

Yet, it is essential to differentiate between oxygenation and oxidation.

While the latter deteriorates the oil, turning its properties bad over time, oxygenation is an art. At Florage, we embrace oxygenation, harnessing its power to enhance the oil's quality, ensuring that each bottle offers an unparalleled olfactory experience in-depth and longevity.

  1. Deepens Aromatic Profile: When agarwood oil is intentionally exposed to oxygen, the oxygenation process can help amplify its natural fragrances, evolving the scent from its initial profile to something richer and more multifaceted.

  2. Maturation: Just as wine undergoes a transformation with age, agarwood oil, when subjected to controlled oxygenation, can mature, enhancing its olfactory character and making the aroma more robust and profound.

  3. Softens Overpowering Notes: Freshly distilled agarwood oil can sometimes contain sharp or overpowering notes. Oxygenation helps mellow these notes out, leading to a more harmonious and rounded scent.

  4. Enhances Subtle Undertones: Through oxygenation, the subtle undertones in agarwood oil that may initially be overshadowed can emerge, adding layers of depth to the oil's aroma.

  5. Clarification: Over time, oxygenation can lead to the precipitation of certain heavier compounds within the oil. This process refines the oil, potentially improving its clarity and consistency.

  6. Mitigates Overwhelming Freshness: Freshly distilled agarwood oils might sometimes seem too 'green' or 'fresh'. Controlled exposure to oxygen can help temper this freshness, allowing the oil's deeper, woodier notes to take prominence.

While controlled oxygenation can improve agarwood oil's scent and character, excessive oxygen exposure can degrade its quality, leading to off-notes or a reduced lifespan. Thus, it is crucial to strike the right balance to harness the benefits of oxygenation without causing damage to precious oil.

At Grandawood, we have done that so you can appreciate this addictive woody aroma.