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*Almost Extinct* Needle Grain- premium Wild Vietnamese Agarwood Chip


Ant Agarwood -The aroma from the past

Needle Grain -- Fine Quality Agarwood woodchips.

If you are looking for a unique aromatic woody smell, then you are looking at it right now.

Wild agarwood is almost depleted in Vietnam. The very same quality agarwood disappeared many years ago because they have been in high demand.

On September 2020, we secured a small batch of these Needle Grain Grade Agarwood Chips. These chips are not new stock because there are none. In the jungle, these chips are almost “extinct”. 

The hunter needed some cash, so he sold one of his finest chips to us. He opened his locker, and carefully he pulled out a jar. Inside his jar, there were some Agarwood Chips, about 200 grams. He called it “Trầm rừng Kiến Kim”. He revealed that the Japanese bought many from him, and they retailed it around $12,500 AUD per kg.

In the past, many Arabians came to see him directly for his exclusive scent of smell.  And recently, they have been disappointed because there is none left to buy. These chips are almost "gone".

We cannot get new chips of the same quality either. We get it because the hunter has been keeping it for many years, and now he is passing it to us in his exclusive collection. So we are sharing these with you.

“Trầm rừng Kiến Kim” What does it mean?

Trầm means Agarwood

Rừng means Forest 

Kiến means Ants

Kim: means Needle. A needle is thin, and its shape is long. The local uses the word "Needle" to describe something refined and elegant. 

Trầm rừng Kiến Kim: as the name suggests, this type of agarwood is from the jungle. The Agarwood is formed after many attacks from ants. If you look closely, the resin is as fine as needles. 

The hunter hand-selected these chips to ensure he would have a good experience burning this chip. We also tested it and agreed with him. This aromatic wood chip is really good. Burning this chip evokes many of my memory.

To try this agarwood, less is more; you only need a tiny 0.5cm piece of wood on charcoal with a mica plate; it is enough to fill up a small room with its heavenly scent.

It smells sweet vanillic, creamy woody with a hint of spice.