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Edge Wood - handselected from the most resinous area of Agarwood chips


Many people enjoy the fragrance of burning agarwood chips, but only a select few seek a superior sensory experience. Perhaps you belong to this particular group.

The method of burning the agarwood chips is essentially the same, whether you choose charcoal or an electric burner. The key difference lies in the choice of agarwood chip you place on the burner.

Both you and I can agree on one thing: agarwood chips with a higher resin content emit a more potent fragrance.

This means that for an enhanced agarwood chip burning experience, I'll provide you with a higher quality chip.

And it's not just talk; I'll demonstrate it to you right here.

Firstly, I want you to look at the image below.

Now, imagine a line drawn down the middle of the image.

Here is a question for you:

Which side of the Agarwood, left or right, contains more resin?

If your thoughts align with mine, you will choose the left.

And here's the outcome:

While the right side also contains a fair amount of resin, it is not used in this instance (because I know you want better experience, and better experience = more resinous). 

My team and I do not pick one, but every single piece that you are getting. You will get the same consistent resinous Agarwood chips only. We pick "The Edge" of all the Agarwood chips, where the most resinous formed.

Here's where it gets even better:

I prefer using the Kodutu heater, which is cost-effective in the long run. Plus, you only need a small piece of Agarwood to enjoy the remarkable fragrance.

That 5mm piece of Agarwood may seem ordinary at first glance, but when heated in my Kodutu unit, it releases a heavenly scent. This complex woody aroma is delightful to me, and I am confident you will feel the same.

Before burning this exquisite agarwood, I managed to capture an enlarged image of it. You can see its high resin content - the reason behind its delightful fragrance.

The below image is the same 5mm piece of Agarwood that you see above.

Remember, this is just a 5mm piece of Agarwood. I trust you can appreciate the density of Agarwood in the piece (and other pieces when you get this amazing Edge Wood).

Thanks to the Kodutu heater, you will enjoy two 3-minute sessions of beautiful aroma.

If you prefer to use charcoal, you will just need a larger piece. As charcoal burns quicker than the Kodutu unit, you will experience a stronger aroma in a shorter time.

Invite your friends and family to share in this joyous experience.

Due to it being a laborious exercise, we only produce a small amount of this chip.  Get it while you still can.


You may wonder what the weight of the 5mm piece of Agarwood is and how long you can burn it for.

See the below image for scaling, I have highlighted the 5-mm-long Agarwood, it probably weighs 1/100 g. 
So if you use 1 piece a day, it will take you 100 days to burn through 1g of Agarwood, not a bad investment huh?