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SOLD Customised sinking agarwood beads: The Descending Treasure Wild Agarwood Bracelet 32g 16mm 14 beads

These beads are too dark for a standard camera to capture. It is even too dark for a macro len. If you first looked at them, they would look like "oil submerged" or in short, fake agarwood. However, it is just a reflection of light as these beads are polished using abrasive sandpaper 6000 grit (jewellers use this paper to sand gold and silver to create the shiny surface) 

See the above image? Too dark to be true?

However, if you put it under a microscope, the resin started to review, the video below showed 14 beads individually reviewed, the oil pores and resin are visible when enlarged.


There are 14 beads of a 16mm dimension of each. On average, each bead weighs over 2g. Material sourced from Indonesia, Borneo region

At room temperature, it contains subtle medicinal, sweet wood, herbal, ouddy scent.  Please do not expect the scent as good as heating wood chips.

To be conservative, the total weight is between 32g and 33g. These beads are not yet strung 

Yes these agarwood beads are sinking quality but please if you test them under water, please make sure they are

  1. dried immediately with soft clothes
  2. left in an open air for the water evaporate (during this process, you can smell these beads easily, as with water, the scent is prominent)


Water and wood do not mix, no matter what types of wood, cracks will happen if beads left submerged under water for a long time. This is scientific fact., so  please treat these beads with respect and take care of them. We are not responsible for water-damaged beads.