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Cool Wood - 100% Pure Supercritical Co2 extraction Oud oil

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60 Years of Perfecting Oud

Every drop of Coolwood Oud comes with 60 years of knowledge.

Back in 1964, our elders started growing Agarwood on a small farm. The quality was not as great as today, but it was a start. After many trials and errors, it quickly became a favourite scent for many, especially those new to Oud.

Now, we use contemporary, cutting-edge distillation techniques to "brew" our Oud. Over the years, we have learned how to perfect it. Even though our quality has improved, our goal stays the same. We make Coolwood the best way we know, without worrying about the cost.

We hire experts who select which trees to grow, picking the ones that do best in our weather. Our team looks after these trees every day. Our distillers closely monitor the distillation process, ensuring the right temperature with the right pressure. We only use our own material from our own plantation -pulverised Aquilaria Sinesis to ensure the oil is pure.

Purity is absolute..

After we distil the Cool Wood oud oil, we let it age for months in a dark, cool place. This step is expensive, but it makes our oil smell so good, similar to the wild Kyara oil which costs millions USD per kg.

Kyara oil or Ky Nam Oil is a specific Oud oil from the wild. It is renown for its creaminess and woodiness. It is rare and extremely hard to get. It is also extinct.

At Grandawood, sustainability is our goal. So we try to make this legendary aroma available for you to try at a fraction of its price.

Try Cool Wood and get the luxury of Kyara without the high price.


Here is the story.

Tom, an Oud oil lover with a passion for sustainable Agarwood oil, approached me to get a recommendation for what Oud he should try. What a good timing, as I have our latest Co2 extract Oud oil released. It is called "Cool Wood."


Tom: Hi Trent! I'm a massive fan of oud oil, and I've been looking for a sustainable Agarwood oil. Can you tell me more about the aroma of your Cool Wood oud oil and what sets it apart?

Trent: Absolutely, Tom! Our "Cool Wood" oud oil has a gentle, subtle, and woody aroma sourced from the finest Agarwood of Aquilaria sinesis. It offers a soothing and alluring scent that embraces you in its warm, aromatic embrace.

Tom: That sounds wonderful! How do you achieve such a unique aroma?

Trent: We use a supercritical CO2 extraction process, which involves low temperatures, higher pressure, and extended cooking times. This method meticulously draws out the essence of woodiness from the chips, enhancing the aromatic experience and making it truly unique.

Tom: That's impressive! Does this process affect the cost?

Trent: The great news is that our extended cooking times ensure maximum yield, making our oud oil sweet and budget-friendly. It's a cost-effective way to enjoy the enchanting aroma of Cool Wood oud oil.

Tom: Sustainability is important to me. Can you tell me more about the Agarwood sourcing for your oud oil?

Trent: We completely understand your concern, Tom. We are committed to sourcing our Agarwood from Aquilaria sinesis sustainably and responsibly, ensuring that our oud oil production does not harm the environment.

Tom: I am intrigued! How can I best experience the aroma of Cool Wood oud oil?

Trent: Simply apply a tiny dab on your skin, and you'll be transported to a world of ethereal calm where the gentle breezing woodiness of our Cool Wood oud oil surrounds you. It's a perfect way to immerse yourself in nature's tranquillity. Experience the magic of Cool Wood oud oil today, and indulge in nature's beauty without compromising on sustainability.

Tom: Thank you for sharing it with me